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“I’m a huge admirer and collector of Toiletpaper and big fan of Maurizio Cattelan, who over the years has built up a reputation of stealing artworks out of other galleries, creating publications out of stolen pages of other magazines, curating entire exhibitions of appropriated work and much more,” Siedentopf says.


Working without the help of stylists, directors, and fully-furnished sets, Siedentof’s dad Eckhard stepped in to model in their own home (ahem, and what have you been doing in quarantine?). “It was all the more exciting to find quick and cheap DIY solutions and alternatives to recreate the images,” Siedentopf says.


When asked whether this whole bootleg art thing is, well, a thing, Siedentopf muses that bootlegs are often better than the originals. “Think about bootlegs of high fashion design wear, or even bootleg CDs and DVDs with their own cover artworks,” he says. “I love the imperfections and creativity that go into these bootlegs, which often give the work a lot more personality.”


In the case of TOILETPAPA in particular, we’d have to agree. Everything Siedentopf loves about Toiletpaper—“the simplicity, the format, the mystery, the grotesque, the colours, the humour, the beauty, the love”—it’s all on full display below.

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