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A Weekend Mix by Skype Williams

What was your first email address? 


Something like ‘nsyncsucksdeek.' I never ever fucked with Justin Timberlake. 


Did you listen to the radio when you were growing up?


Ya, Z100 & KTU.


What is your go-to midnight snack?


I’m the midnight snack.


What was the first concert you ever went to?


Technically, Yo-Yo Ma in Central Park, but by my own choosing—Baha Men. 


The last YouTube video you watched?


I’ve been watching these two right wing-leaning white women disect politicians’ body language.


Has a song ever made you cry?


"Glamorous" by Fergie makes me cry on site.


Favorite curse word?




Feelings about clowns?




Unpopular opinion!


I miss people accusing artists of being in the illuminati.


A condiment you couldn’t live without?


I used to be a Trojan kinda guy but Lifestyles now.

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