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A Weekend Mix by X-Coast

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Do you listen to the radio/did you when you were growing up?


Apart from the radio always being on during the day in our family home, I obsessively listened to some late night rave shows on Belgrade's Radio Politika. Mom used to make me go to sleep because it was mostly on Thursdays and I would have school the next morning, but I would turn the lights down and quietly listen in complete darkness of my room and later press the record to tape button before I went to sleep. I still think radio is one of the best ways to spread music.


What is your go-to midnight snack?


The taco truck on Myrtle and Broadway!


What was the first concert you went to?


It was a Rambo Amadeus gig.. 


Last YouTube video you watched?




Do you play any sports?


I have unbelievable putt-putt skills.


Has a song ever made you cry?


Yes. Click to find out more. 


Favorite curse word?




Feelings about clowns?


One of my favorite emojis.


The music “legend” you most look up to?


The Future Sound of London.


A condiment you couldn’t live without? 




Plans for the weekend?


Kicking off the XTC World Tour.

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