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Y/Project S/S '19

While there might not appear to be a through-line in that list, that's part of the beauty of Y/Project. Each season, Martens pairs so many different things together, that it's impossible to find one singular inspiration. It's all random, but at the same time, cohesive, and we always want to wear every piece.


Of course, S/S '19 was no different. Every time we thought we could pinpoint a specific route Martens would be taking for the rest of the collection, he'd surprise us, and the next model would stomp down the runway in something we never could have predicted. But somehow, it all still felt not only like part of the same collection, but undeniably Y/Project—even if that's indefinable, too.


One thing is clear, though: Martens knows exactly what he's doing—and we always love the end result.


office was backstage at the brand's S/S '19 presentation. Peep some of our favorite looks, below.

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