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adidas Originals by Daniëlle Cathari



How has your practice changed since you first spoke to us?


My process of deconstruction hasn’t changed but what has changed is the access to materials and resources that have been available to me by collaborating with adidas. In the past I was limited to the vintage adidas track suits I could find and for my collection with adidas Originals I had the freedom to creatively explore new ideas and really expand upon my technique and discipline as a designer.


Where do you want your brand to go next? How do you hope to build on your initial concept of deconstructing tracksuits?


My work is always evolving and I still have so much to learn. I’m working on my own brand and collection now. I’ll always be experimenting with the idea of unexpected contrasts whether it be colors, fabrics and silhouettes.


Why adidas?


Because it’s just so iconic. Three stripes, the tricot fabric. Simple, yet strong.


How did you approach casting?


I wanted to work with real and authentic girls who could extend the collection with their appearance. It was important for me to choose girls who projected a sense of individuality and confidence and who ultimately would end up wearing the collection. The collection is really for everyone.


Now that you had the presentation— how do you feel!? How did you celebrate?


Relieved but also super excited for what’s to come. This was an amazing experience and one I will be forever grateful for. I celebrated over a family style dinner with my adidas family!

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