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Being with Body Hair

Over time, there have been some naturalist cultural subgroups of people who have embraced body hair on all genders, most notably the hippie movement of the 1960s and 70s, in which hair of the head, body, and genitals was valued, seen as beautiful, and as a statement of counterculture and political revolution. However, overall in our culture, hair is to be shaved, trimmed, cut, styled, and removed.


There seems to be a new movement happening among some that’s pushing towards a new acceptance around body hair, which is coinciding with the current state of politics and fight towards gender, sexuality, and racial equality. Body hair, on all genders, can represent something personal, cultural, and revolutionary, and be beautiful as well. With this series, I hope to push the boundaries on what we consider attractive, worthy of viewing, and acceptable, and to attempt to breakdown the stigma one image at a time, hopefully giving people the freedom to choose what they want for their own bodies.

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