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"At Home With" by Jayne Lies

Me and Richard got along right away. I came to NYC by myself from HK, and to go from knowing no one to knowing Jim, and Richard— is mental. When office first asked me to do films of artist interviews, I thought of when the artist is their truest self— I wanted to show them in their natural habitat. So, what you are watching is actually the "b-rolls"— when we are hanging out, doing things together. I like this intimacy in documentaries— it is as if you were hanging out with us, as well. 


This film, I shot with Richard— I dug into his closet and archive, and found all the rare '90s Kern shirts from his personal collection!


Also, made him wear all of them, and shot a look book. He then showed me a whole big box of women's panties that he keeps for his photo shoots.

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