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Boogie Down

But the night’s funk didn’t stop there. As guests enjoyed the sets from Jeffertitti, Dani Miller and Zoë Bleu Arquette, they were encouraged to try out their favorite shade of the 58-colored collection, ranging from the meekest of nudes to the sultriest of reds. As for the campaign itself, Gucci got up close and personal with a few of their latest muses, creating imagery both refined and raw: think Hollywood divas circa 1950 meets a grittier Clueless.


No matter the decade, one thing has stayed the same - the significance and timelessness of makeup. Creative Director, Alessandro Michele comments, “Makeup is something poetic and fleeting that you can add to your face, changing or highlighting something about yourself. I find it an almost magical language, strongly linked to the other details I use for the expression of the self, such as jewellery and a hairstyle. Of all these aspects needed to emphasize or underline an aspect of ourselves, makeup is the most immediate and the oldest way, making it the most fascinating.” Between the twinkle in the details and the character of the brand, this new collection has office thinking that Gucci Beauty is onto something.

Peep the campaign video below.

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