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PERSONA SOMNIA I Diamante con Suspencion

Forque's performance, which was characterized by the stripper aesthetics and post-humanism aspects of femininity and sexuality that the artist is known for, was complemented with a sound installation curated by filmmaker and musician Nathan Corbin. "I wanted to mix their subconscious thoughts about the way they internally feel and how they imagine others seeing them as they perform, with music," Hensler says, "and then play that sound piece for the first time as the performer is in their act." 


On the brilliance of Maria Forqué, especially as a muse for exploring the cathartic aspects of being tied up, Hensler says, "She is also interested in mysticism and different ways of seeing reality as I am. We related through the idea that you can create your own reality, and in her case, you can choose a persona to show the world." Forqué lasted nearly two hours in this straight position, which Hensler says shows Forqué's great strength of pushing herself to the limit. 


But the crux of the exhibit lays in the physical aspects of bondage contrasting with the mental release that comes along with it, this "symbolic meaning behind the idea of being tied/constricted and giving up control" being the ultimate driving force behind Hensler's work. "Persona Somnia" means "Dream Persona" in Latin, and perhaps the concept of being restricted while simultaneously encompassing boundless mental and emotional freedom, is something we all strive for.  

Maria Forque
Jenni Hensler
Filip Custic
Filip Custic mirror
Filip Custic installation

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