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Plus One: Your DADA Date


Yves Scherer’s lenticular print of Lindsay Lohan hangs across from Curtis Kulig’s painting of scattered notebook pages featuring vague stream-of-consciousness and pop culture-influenced phrases like “When Dennis Hopper died,” “We do like Brandy,” and “Everything seemed wonderful with Obama Yeah Yeah Yeah.”

Adam Kruger offers a pair of plaid oil-painted suspenders attached to a pair of men’s underwear painted with hyperrealistic creases. The underwear carries a silicone rubber box tattooed with the unmistakable exterior of a Premium Crackers box. Olivia Taylor makes a vibrating skin-like bulge that reads “HYSTERICAL!” in bumpy pale pink font.

Erik Foss uses harsh, gestural brush strokes to create his smooth-yet-gritty abstract painting.



Plus One’s structure, or lack thereof, harkens back to the rule-bending nature of the DADA movement. “[The show] is DADA in the sense that there’s no rhyme or reason,” Gomez explained. “That’s how art should be. It should just come together.”


Participating artists and their Plus Ones include: Megan Cavanaugh, Jesse Edwards, Louis Eisner, Erik Foss, Anthony Haden-Guest, Christopher Johnson, Curtis Kulig, Mikhail Sokovikov, Jason Aaron Wall, Max Blagg, Yves Scherer, Grear Patterson, Blake Sandberg, Laura Kaplan, Samantha Rivera, Monique Montell, Pablo Power, Adam Kruger, Jacquiline Farrara, Kelsey Kosko, Adira Schiff and Olivia Taylor.

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