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Premiere: BRÅVES - A Toast [Vortex 360 Live Performance]

Having dished out their striking combination of avant-garde visuals (the band wears custom headdresses and garments at every live performance) with a soaring and infectious sound to an audience of listeners intrigued to hear and see more, there is no doubt that BRÅVES is capable of luring you in with their polished 'dark pop' sound and keeping you for a bit. 


The band, comprised of American producer Johnny What and Aussie vocalist brothers Jericho and Thorald, says that this performance collaboration only adds to their goal of creating a visually impactful live setting. "Creating an immersive, live experience is important to us. Our favorite pieces of art fully enrapture, distort, and blur the lines of reality."


Check out the video below, and feel the overwhelming beauty of BRÅVES' unique and intense yet calming and fully encompassing wrath. 

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