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Smile Now, Cry Later

But the real showstopper wasn’t the set—it was the collection, a radical take on authenticity in a city built upon a lack thereof. Voluminous houndstooth, constructed denim and crafted leather garments added spice to the spectacle, while fabric was gathered in such a way that the pieces appeared as organic matter that sprouted magically from the stage. Designers Joris Suk and Tessa de Boer nailed the aesthetic area between “classic comedy and contemporary drama.”And in true MAISON the FAUX fashion, the event was pure sensory overload, an existential experience that left viewers thinking not only what it means to be yourself, but “Why didn’t I pack my fucking Kleenex?”

But don’t worry, if you missed it, we’ve got you covered with photos. Plus, the brand will be debuting a series of exclusive “Shop Now, Cry Later” merch they created in partnership with CALA at Next Century in New York City on October 18.


Peep the “Smile Now, Cry Later” photos, below.

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