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Thom Browne: The Officepeople

Two single file lines of models march past on cobbled streets in matching gray uniforms. They stop at Pulitzer Fountain, facing spectators like Maisie Williams, Lee Pace and Natalia Dyer, amongst others. A single trumpeter stands out from the crowd of pleated skirts and identical briefcases with tailored suit shorts. By a cue unknown to the viewers, the gray-suited bodies disperse in a dozen different directions as smoothly as they emerged from a school bus just moments before. 


Thom Browne’s militant show of simplicity cuts to the heart of the brand’s ability to display a sense of elegance at the heart of tradition. Thom Browne’s latest installation performance celebrates the exceptional in the ordinary and the magic of the mundane with a collection of modern womenswear, as well as the arrival of womenswear at Bergdorf Goodman, where the Fall '19 office installation comes to life on the third floor.


Check out the images from the show below. 

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