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Radical Love

Inside the landmark Ford Foundation Center for Social Justice building on 42nd Street, the artists behind Radical Love conceive for viewers a positive display of human interaction, one where “otherness and marginality is celebrated, adorned, and revered.”


A water sound installation trickling through the gallery’s lush indoor garden; soft black figurine sculptures from the 1970s; an underwater wheelchair spectacle video; 24-karat gold encrusted acrylic canvases - together, every piece forms an empowering antidote of our collective experiences, of love, glory, and pain.


The visual opulence of Radical Love, in all its vivid colors and glitzy installations, speaks for itself in its story of love redeeming injustice. For as defined in the exhibit and by its curators, love is the “commitment to the spiritual growth and interconnectedness of the individual, their community, and stewardship of the planet.” It definitely is a radical idea, that’s for sure.

Lina Iris Viktor, 'Eleventh'
Maria Berrio, 'Nativity​'
Thania Petersen, 'IQRAA​'
Vanessa German, 'Notes on the absence of sacredness how little black girls die'
Raul de Nieves, 'Fina Beauty'
Ebony G. Patterson, 'She Saw Things She Shouln't Have'
Bradley McCallum and Jacqueline Tarry, 'Evidence of Things Not Seen'
Baseera Khan, 'Seat 14 feat' and 'Seat 15 feat'
Thomas Lanigan Schmid, 'The Preying Hands'

'Radical Love' is on view at the Ford Foundation through August 17th. All images courtesy of the Ford Foundation. Lead image: Athi-Patra Ruga, 'Umesiyakazi in Waiting'.​ 

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