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Affordable Fine Art

So the 26-year-old Chicago native came up with publishing open edition fine art posters––the printing process of which allows him to sell his pieces at an approachable price point for the people he wants to reach. Each poster is $40, and he splits the profits 50/50 with the artists behind them. Partnering with emerging and established artists alike, so far Bradley’s printed the works of people like Tim Barber and Jean-Vincent Simonet.


“It’s so fulfilling, it’s so awesome to be able to pay artists money, especially when you know they’re not doing well financially and have bills to pay and are trying to get their MFA, and 5 grand would mean so much to them,” he said. “I really want to drive people toward an option that’s more fine art-driven than design-driven like Society 6 or, or any other frankly bullshit wall decor.” In future print runs, Bradley hopes to work with a more diverse range of artists––from all over the world and of all different backgrounds and levels of training. And you can peruse Nava's current stock, here.


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