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Akki Unmasked

Akki kicks back! Moving on from sunscreens, renowned hair artist Akki Shirakawa reviews face masks this week on office Beauty Committee. The all-natural, non-toxic contenders are: Grace + Tonic's "Cleansing Mud," Round Barn Apothecary's "Detoxifying Clay Mask," and Gaelle Organic's "Masque Superieure Sea Mineral Treatment."


You have to eat one of them, which one would it be? Which one is your favorite?


To be honest, nobody wants to eat this product, even though it's non-toxic. My favorite is Round Barn Apothecary's "Detoxifying Clay Mask."


Which one would you gift to a friend?


Round Barn Apothecary's "Detoxifying Clay Mask."


You have to wear one out in public, pick one.


Round Barn Apothecary's "Detoxifying Clay Mask."


Best part of every product?

Again, all products are non-toxic, so my sensitive skin will not cause any problems.

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