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Artist Model Free Bitch

She’s a model. She’s walked the runway. She’s mastered Fashion Week. She’s created a name for herself. So what’s next? Music. Her whole life is her art, and she plans on making the most of it. office got a chance to photograph her, and sit down to chat about the important things in life, like the meaning of beauty, life on the moon, and superheroes.


What does it mean to feel beautiful?


Um, that’s a weird question. I don’t often feel beautiful, so that’s hard to answer. I more so describe myself as “cute” or maybe I’ll look at a photo of myself and think “this PHOTO is beautiful” but It’s kind of rare maybe like 4 to 10 days out of the year, that I’ll actually FEEL beautiful. It’s kind of like- when all the elements come together. When my hair, face, and body are all working at the same damn time. Which doesn’t happen often. I think I feel beautiful most consistently the day I get some new hair and maybe the day after. I feel cute most days though. I can do pretty decent makeup, and my outfits are always well thought out. My appearance is an extension of my art. I approach curating my look the same I do working on music. So “cute” is to “beautiful” as “good” is to “masterpiece”. Every song or album won’t be a masterpiece but everything will be quality content. I am always art.


What does it mean to be a woman?


“Oh you know, girls with boyfriend troubles - someone forgot tampons - everybody's bad at science and math.” 30 Rock fans, anyone? Um, I guess making less money than men unless you work in fashion or porn makes you a woman.

Jacket by Stephen Sprouse c/o James Veloria, dress by Simone Rocha



How do you think that the creative industry— fashion, arts, etc.— might answer those questions?


You know: the cliché “representation matters” soundbite blah blah blah. I hate saying that because it’s so cheesy and misused. I’m reluctant to say that, but I will because it is technically true. Representation, diversity, people need to see themselves etc… you’ve heard all of this before. It’s a catchphrase people love throwing out into the abyss. But these brands need to understand that representation isn’t a free pass to pay people less, not pay people at all, or to tokenize them for the sake of diversity points. These brands are not slick. Like — the industry can answer this by just fucking casting people because they’re beautiful humans and integrate them into their normal castings and stop making a fucking circus about it. Stop making a press release about it. Oh and PAY EVERYONE EQUALLY. Sorry, I get a little indignant on that topic.


Favorite childhood hero, or imaginary friend?


I was never a child.


Which makeup do you love and which do you hate?


I hate red lipstick on me. I hate bright colors in general on my lips. I usually bring the drama with my clothes, but not makeup. I love a good highlight on the nose and cheekbones and a subtle contour. Brown lipstick. A natural look, but aspirational. Sometimes a glossy lid when I’m feeling extra. I can’t do most of the things I just listed, but I love when makeup artists do them on me.


Are there any trends you wish would die? What would you replace them with?


Um. There are some things that I wouldn’t do for me, but whatever, anyone can do what they want. But as a general rule, I feel people shouldn’t do their beauty / makeup routines tailored just for Instagram. You know when people have faces that photograph great under stage lights but it looks clown-like in person? It’s a bit bizarre. But if you KNOW you look strange in person and don’t care... do you. Own it.


How important is fantasy to you?


It’s so fucking important to me. I’ve spent my whole life living on the moon. My life is all about living on a high, dressing like I’m high, keeping my standards high. I’ve been able to pull off some amazing things because I refuse to think “realistically.” No one’s gonna break up this Barbie’s world. 

Dress by Simone Rocha, dress by Kenzo



Who or what do you channel when you look in the mirror and walk out the door?


I channel Greek Gods, Ancient Egyptians, X-men, superheroes, world shifters. The ground shakes when I get out of bed. 


Describe your vibe in three words.


Ambitious. Opulent. Whimsical. 


How has your style changed since you started modeling?


Well, I’ve always been grand. But working in fashion I started to reinterpret my aesthetic. I used to want to look like walking art, I still do I guess... Maybe the best way to describe the change is that I went from Francis Bacon, Jackson Pollock & George Condo to Roy Lichtenstein, Yayoi Kasuma, & Georgia O’Keefe. I found a way to do the whole “pretty” aesthetic to make money while keeping true to my severe, grandiose sensibilities.

Special thanks to The Hotel Wolcott.

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