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Be Kind to the Behind: Marilyn Rondón

In one, she documents the fallout of a breakup as she trashes her new ex’s apartment, icing the fuck-you cake by spraypainting the reminder “You’re not Drake” on his wall. For another, she publicly posts the nauseating dick pics that clog her inbox, a consequence of her suggestive if mostly somewhat tasteful online exhibitionism. But unlike shitty guys and gross dicks, the butt holds a position of great distinction in Marilyn’s work, the object of her true and everlasting affection.


Your thing with butts, is it just a phase?


I've been fascinated with butts for as long as I can remember. I'm pretty sure most of my exes will agree—I've always been into smooching the butt. I have a few photos of breasts but I don’t know, having them myself, and being straight, I don't care much to shoot boobs. I also think that the sexualization of nipples and boobs is pretty silly. But with butts, everyone loves butts. Straight, gay, bi—doesn't matter. Everyone across the board can agree that a good butt is always A-plus.


What is the perfect butt?


Every butt is perfect in its own way. Big, small, hairy, shaved, tan or not. I like all butts, but muscle butts might be my favorite. Basically because I know the hard work and dedication that goes into it.

You’re heavily tattooed—what’s next, something on your butt? 


I have a large back tattoo that touches the top of my butt, and let me tell you, butt tattoos are very painful. My next tattoo is going to be "anima sola" aka "the lonely soul" on the back of my right calf. I'm having Javier Betancourt do it for me.


Would you ever have cosmetic surgery? Butt implants? A boob job? 


I know I mentioned that the sexualization of breasts is absurd, but I actually am planning on getting a boob job this year. It's a personal choice. Being a woman approaching my thirties, I can't help what gravity has done. But yeah, I'm excited for my new boobs. I work very hard on my body and I'm excited to buy the breasts to go with it.


You haven’t been able to travel outside the US since arriving here from Venezuela as an infant—where would you want to go first?


I'm really attracted to South America because of my blood being from Venezuela, but it's so dangerous to travel there these days. I'd love to visit Peru, Machu Picchu. I like the idea of visiting Brazil, Argentina, Patagonia, Australia, Japan, Italy, Morocco, Cambodia, India… let me stop daydreaming now.

What do you like about Miami besides all the photogenic butts?



Being blocks away from the ocean and my boxing gym. Having the luxury to swim in the ocean year round. The few friends that I have here, they are so supportive and so loving and caring, and my family is nearby as well.



You said your mother thinks you’re a pervert. What is your relationship with her?


[Laughs] She def thinks I'm strange. When I showed her the first issue of Dat Ass, she had no words. She's very loving and supportive, the total opposite of our relationship growing up. Being a parent is hard, I've learned as I've gotten older, and after losing my father a few years back I decided to drop all my resentment towards her and try and work on our relationship. It’s tough, but I love her, and she loves and supports me on everything that I do. So I'm blessed.


Interview and photos by Simon Rasmussen

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