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“Everything I photograph is rooted in nature,” she says. “I’m studying mythology and one of the interesting aspects of it that keeps popping up is nature and our connection to it as humans. So much of what anthropologists find in caves and graves is rooted in nature. We can sense how important the earth and its living beings were to these people that came before us. That, and the enchantment of the unknown bigger picture is what drives my work."


Detar’s bigger pictures scale upwards of 4 feet tall, and her painting-photo collages seem to always merge art and fashion at the intersection of a daydream.


“I just try to create in the way that a child creates,” she says. “They just sit down and draw and are so happy to be doing so. And when they’re done, they’re just so excited by what they’ve made. They don’t overthink it, they don’t sit down and stress about how to draw or think about who might or might not like it, they just draw.”


Rest assured, office loves Detar’s works.

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