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On Britney Spears & Togetherness

The night's theme was unity through all of Britney’s archetypes—the starry-eyed, pigtailed prodigy, the breezy, post-peak legend completing her Vegas residency, even 2007’s pink-wigged paparazzi princess breaking at the seams, drowning in the media’s lies… and Cheeto dust.


On the dancefloor, every hair whip was partnered with more and more realization of the beauty in Britney’s legacy—realizations proving that even in her downfalls, Britney Spears’ existence has fueled our desires and satisfied our needs for nearly two decades in a way that supersedes reality and in times when we may not have even been aware of the vacancy her antics were filling.


A people's queen since her inception, Britney's timeline is filled with pop culture checkpoints—her "Oops!...I Did It Again" innocence signaled a new kind of manufactured bubblegum pop entity, one that came about right when the new millenium was fresh and when Google Images was the brand new thing. A wide-eyed, perky ex-Disney star with just the right amount of parental guidance approval, yet seemingly at the cusp of becoming a woman. It's no coincidence that as the digital age produced more and more images, and as our collective horniness accumulated, Britney's sexual awakening arrived and the public ate it up. With this newfound gateway into our favorite celebrities' lives, we inevitably tore her back down, making her the head-shaving, umbrella-yielding mess that we loved to watch deteriorate. 


Unsurprisingly, the evolution of how we express our strange obsession with the lives of celebrities, and that of Britney Spears, go hand-in-hand. The Britney of 2017 is a satisfying end product of the cycles the public has put her through—a post-TMZ mommy blogger who can finally share her life and kids with the world in a healthy way. Once again, the Britney we see is the Britney we want to see, which is especially gratifying considering the stressful sociopolitical world displayed on our feeds everyday. There's a sense of comfort that comes knowing that we can collectively revert to "Toxic" or "Womanizer" to let off some steam, and given Friday night's outcome, the route to euphoria-via-Britney is infallible. 

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