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Claws Out

Check out the interview below for more fire.


Left - Photo by Lola Webster; Model: Jade Jackman

Where did your love for nail art come from?


It actually started when I was around 9 years old, I always had an interest for it so my mother bought me a beginners kit from Argos. I’d sit and paint 90s flicks on her friends nails for £5 each—entrepreneurial even then! I see nails as an extension of someone’s personality. People tend to look past them but at the end of the day we do everything with our hands, so why not decorate them as much as you would your face or with your clothes?


What inspires your work?


Pretty much everything! If I like the colours and style of something I’ll try to interpret the design into nail art. For my birthday nails last year, the inspiration came from just an airbrush graffiti sign advertising local brew outside a pub in Brixton. Inspiration can come from anywhere if your eyes are open to it.


Is your work usually commissioned or do people like to let you decide what to paint?


It all depends! My clients mainly take inspiration from my page and create their own designs from that. In some cases I have free reign, which obviously is a nail artist’s favourite thing to do.



Left - Model: @ashnikko

Right - Model + Photo by @2diosa

What’s your signature style?


I’d say religious iconography would be my signature style. There have actually been times when clients have told me people have recognised my work from just seeing them in the street. It’s even happened abroad which is amazing.


What’s your favorite nail art that you’ve made?


It changes every time, but it’s definitely when I spend hours and hours on a really detailed painting. For example Botticelli’s Birth of Venus and Georgia O'Keeffe's Ram's Head, White Hollyhock-Hills—they’re probably my favourite to date. Other than that I love doing little characters with bold bright colours, Powerpuff Girls, Hot Stuff, etc.


Can you describe the feeling of having a fresh set of really sick nails?


Definitely like you can take over the world. I feel like it’s innate in women to have claws, it brings something out in us, ferocity and power.


If you could paint anyone’s nails, whose would you paint and what would it be?


Rosalía of courseeee! We’ve been in contact and it’s going to happen! We just need to both be in the same place at the same time to create some magic.

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