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Matty Bovan's Post-Apocalyptic Beauty

Despite drawing from darker, dystopian themes, this isn't the designer Black Mirror— Matty Bovan presents his own parallel universe, uniquely magical, far more full of fantasy than fear. And as the ambidextrous artist that he is— this colorful, abundantly abstract character is made clear across Matty's many mediums— from his modeling pursuits, to his fine art and fashion practices. This strong, etherial, eccentricity is equally something saturated in Matty's self-presentation— his bright, shimmery beauty looks are always an inspiring standout to see when scrolling on Instagram. So, we chatted with Matty before his exciting week hits its height of business, and asked him about his beauty tips, and how he adapts his artful eye from fine art to his own fairylike face. 


How do you think texture has influenced your work? I know you had studied knitwear and textural complexity is clearly woven into your wearable practice, but do you think that it’s translated to your beauty looks as well? 


I usually like quite flat clean areas of colour with make up, as brows and eyelashes usually add all the texture you need.  Sometimes a glitter or shimmer can make things look very 3D which is really interesting to play with. 


What was your first beauty item that you were excited about?


I think it was probably some make up glitter gel - very iridescent - and I don’t think the company made it for long as it dried tight on the skin, but it looked amazing.  It had a really strong blue shine in it.  More recently I love liquid lipsticks as I use them on my eyes and also the coloured mascaras by Marc Jacobs Beauty look amazing on my lashes.


Favorite color?


It varies between neon yellow and dark brown at the moment.  I’m also quite into magenta at the moment, which I haven’t ever liked before. 




How do you think your own look has changed throughout your career? Do you think that the way you dress and make yourself up is aligned with the transitions your brand has made aesthetically?


Yes definitely. It’s all very much linked. It depends on my mood at the time and how extreme I’m feeling in my emotions. I find it interesting to look back and see the connections between what I was making and wearing at the time and what make up I was into.


What are your major influences from other artistic mediums?


I love artists such as Fiona Rae, Kembra Pfahler, and musicians like Nina Hagen, Björk and PJ Harvey. I do get obsessed by certain colours and can’t stop using them, the same with certain fabrications and textures.


Who has been the biggest inspiration for you in terms of beauty?


For me growing up it was my mum and my grandma who always wore make up, quite classic, but always a strong lip and painted long nails. I guess over the years I have definitely leaned towards more extreme looks and colours, but it’s just curiosity and I love it when things are a bit rough around the edges.


Which cartoon character from any time or place in history has the best hair?


Helga from Hey Arnold! or Lisa Simpson.


Do you think that where you are from and grew up has a signature “beauty look” ?


Ha, ha, I do see a lot of drawn-on thick eyebrows around. I guess that counts!

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