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The Monet of Makeup

With ethereal compositions using just about every color in the universe, Rose creates looks that range from day-to-day glam to mezmorizing masterpieces. She recently even made a cameo on the KKW Beauty Instagram, showcasing the company's latest eyeshadow palette and lip gloss in two different looks.

At what age did you first get into makeup realm, and what made you stay?


The age where I knew I wanted to start pursuing makeup was 16 or 17, but I’ve always loved it since I was little. I just never put it together that it could be my career. Both my parents worked in show business. My dad was a professional juggler, and my mum a dancer and showgirl, so I would always be around makeup and costumes. I loved watching it all. It definitely made me love it because of the transformative aspect of it where you can create a whole new side of someone that is still totally them and bring it to life. Seeing the way it can make people feel, whether it's a look on them personally or just a look they see and love, is the best feeling ever, and I don't want to trade that.

What inspired you to begin creating these dreamy looks?


As I started creating, I found that I’ve really come to love and always have loved the bygone eras and vintage feel to anything. I really want to capture that in makeup and photos.




Which part of the face is most exciting for you to create on and why?


When creating on others, I really can’t pick! I think everyone has such different and interesting features that even just applying foundation is amazing, and everything flows. I love working with the whole face structure and creating shapes that are interesting but also pleasing, because they suit the features so well.


If you had to compare your work to that of a famous painting, which would it be?


I don’t know if my work would be worthy to! [Laughs] I’ve always been super inspired by Renaissance art. Another favourite of mine is Monet.


How has displaying your looks on Instagram helped accelerate your career? Has it opened doors for you?


It started out as a space for me to just place all these looks I had created in my spare time, in between jobs and what went on in my mind creatively. And to find people who felt the same and had the same passion—which I did find—it's so amazing to be a part of that. Once it started turning into something I could do as a career, it definitely started opening doors. I’ve met and worked with brands and people I didn't think I ever would, so it’s incredible.



Top three products you can’t live without.


Boring, but a sunscreen! Or specifically, a tinted moisturiser with SPF. Also, Bite Beauty's Agave Lip Mask and Pat Mcgrath Labs mascara.

In an alternate universe, what job, other than makeup, do you see yourself doing?


I really want to be a part of film production, and it's still something I would love to do in this universe. I’m so interested and inspired by it that even just a tiny step into that world would be amazing, whether it be cinematography, directing, etc. I love it.

What’s something your fans might not know about you?


I'm also a dancer—it’s a passion of mine that’s just as big as makeup, since I’ve trained for more than 10 years. I love to perform on stage with all the makeup and costume and lights just as much as I love being behind the scenes. I definitely got that one from my parents. 

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