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Coconut Oil & Chanel

Who are your beauty idols?


I’ve always really admired Naomi Campbell’s beauty and grace which she has continued to embody for over 30 years.


What has been your favorite show to walk in, and why?


Burberry, because it’s one of my favorite brands and it was actually the show that really launched my career. I was a Burberry exclusive and was fortunate enough to close the show that season.


Top - Haider Ackermann; Dress - Junya Watanabe, Trousers - Chanel's Own

You’re a proud Dominican. Has coming to New York City changed the way you view “beauty” in any way?


Yes, coming to NYC has opened my eyes to many different types of people with many different types of personalities and forms of beauty.


Did you learn any beauty secrets growing up in the Dominican Republic that you still use?


Growing up, we used a lot of Coconut and Olive oils which were great for hair growth, moisturizing and for giving my hair lots of volume.


Jacket and Jeans - Off White, Shoes and earrings - stylist's own (worn throughout)

What is your favorite color?


Pink and white.


Now, what color do you think you look best in?


I think I look the best in cream and black.


Any products you need to survive summer in NYC?


I love using Evian's Mineral Water Spray because it keeps my skin moist while running from casting to casting in this summer humidity.


Sweater - Alexander Wang, Shorts - Vetements for Champion

What do you do to keep your mind and body balanced?


Eating healthy and a good bit of exercise like yoga and running.


Favorite products in general right now? 


For my hair, I love using Aquage! It moisturizes it and gives it a lot of sheen, which keeps it looking really healthy. I also like using cy°zone’s mascara-gel because it enhances and volumes my lashes to the max!


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