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New Year, Same Us

That's why, as 2018 came to a close, we reached out to some of our favorite friends, artists and office collaborators to hear what resolutions they had for themselves in 2019. For some, this year will be about sex; for others, success; and others, still, for dripping harder (#BigShugga2020).


The one thing all of the resolutions did have in common, though, was a desire to practice more self-love—and that's something we can always get behind.


So, forget the idea of a standard resolution; and don't worry about breaking it either, because if there's one thing we learned this year it's to always do you—New Year's included. If 2018 was about recovering from the shitshow before it, then 2019 is about reaching our goals and starting a riot.


Read some of your favorite artists, singers and people, in general, share their resolutions, below.


Brooke Candy


LA-based rapper, director and queer feminist icon Brooke Candy had a big year. In 2018, she collaborated with Charli XCX, Cupcakke and Pablo Vittar on the Pop 2 banger "I Got It," released three new songs and self-directed music videos ("WAR," "My Sex" and "Oomph"), partnered with PornHub on her directorial porn debut, I Love You, and teamed up with photographer (and office favorite) Sandy Kim on a killer editorial for office Issue 09.

"My New Year's resolution is to exist in bliss... oh, and have as much sex as humanly possible."


Ian Isiah


In November, Ian Isiah aka Big Shugga released his long-awaited new album, Shugga Sextape Vol 1., and it's dope AF. The all-time office favorite has been an outspoken voice in New York City's LGBTQ community with his unapologetically honest approach when it comes to gender, love and sex. He's also had an unmistakeable impact on the fashion industry, serving as muse for Hood By Air founder and Helmut Lang designer Shayne Oliver, and frequent performer at presentations by Telfar (like this year's S/S '19 presentation in the pouring rain).



Okay Kaya


As a model, Kaya Wilkins has walked the runways for everyone from Balenciaga and J.W. Anderson, to Marc Jacobs and Calvin Klein. But as Okay Kaya, the musical moniker under which she got her start as the hynotizing voice on King Krule's "Slush Puppy," the singer delivers spellbinding tracks that are equally saccharine and subversive. In 2018, the singer released her latest record, Both, a study in duality and both the power and pain in being a woman.

"My resolution is to get buff from pole dancing."


Hot Mess


Luka Sabbat is an actor, artist, model and actual social media influencer; Noah Dillon is a photographer and creative director—both couldn't be further away from being a hot mess. But together in 2018, the duo officially started Hot Mess, the creative outlet they use to publish their collaborative work, like the series of billboards they created over the summer that placed mock ads for brands like Balenciaga and Chevy across the U.S. Along with the ads, Sabbat and Dillon teamed up on shoots for Off-White, American Apparel and an exclusive feature for office which was shot while Hot Mess was in Japan.

"[To] work on a new creative medium we’ve never worked on before, and get a girlfriend." - Luka


"To get what I deserve and to move with a sense of urgency." - Noah


Didi Rojas


Diana "Didi" Rojas is a New York City-based artist known for her ceramic recreations of trendy fashion items, like the pink Balenciaga croc platforms she created for the cover of office Issue 08. In 2018, she put her touch on basically all of the year's hottest looks, from Gucci sneakers and rhinestone-covered sunglasses, to the Vetements flame platform boots.

"This year I plan on starting my days earlier, and I want to use the word 'literally' less than I did in 2018. I’m also looking to host more studio visits and work on collaborative projects with friends and artists I admire."


Christiaan Houtenbos


Hairstylist Christiaan Houtenbos is a living legend. The office Issue 08 artist is responsible for some of the world's most iconic cuts, including Grace Jones' famous flat top and Debbie Harry's signature shag. In 2018, he continued to give some of the most enviable hair cuts—though, not for free, like he used to do in Central Park.

"I resolve to stop counting my money and instead start counting my blessings."


Lexie Smith


Lexie Smith is an artist, baker and all all around cool girl who uses bread as a tool to explore culture and connect global narratives. That's why we featured her in office Issue 09. She's also currently working on her ongoing project to create the "bread web"—a Wikipedia-style site about, well, bread.

"[I've] been resisting resolutions like the plague, but if i had to name a few: [to] stop naming things; quit compartments; [and] don't let ego impede productivity—whatever my definition of productivity might be on any given day."


Aweng Chuol


Over the last year, South Sudanese model Aweng Chuol has worked for everyone from Namilia to Junya Watanabe, walking in their denim-dusted S/S '19 presentation, to Rihanna, at the NYFW debut for Savage x Fenty. In between, she also found time to pose for an editorial in office Issue 08, and let us into her own office for Issue 09, while also running Shine Light orphanage, the non-profit she started to help orphans and refugees in South Sudan and Kenya when she was just 17.

"My new years resolution is to bridge the gap between myself and my opportunities."


Here's to 2019.

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