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Sicky Sab

Why is it important to use social media as a platform?


Social media is the fastest and most effective way to spread information. Nowadays the content in magazines and on television is based on what is being said online. It's the easiest way to learn, share, and meet people who have similar beliefs or interests.


What is some advice you would give to younger generations who look up to you or want to do what you do?


I feel like I know very few people who believe in themselves, it's so frustrating to talk to people who want to do something creative but say "I could never do that". It makes no sense to me, especially in New York, there are so many opportunities to do what makes you happy; you just have do what you dreamed of and believe in yourself. Don't throw your ideas away.


How is New York a good environment for you to do what you do?


New York is my home and one of the most stimulating places in the world. It can be distracting at times but the things I do and see as well as the people I spend time with everyday are what inspire me to do what I do. What’s your favorite medium to create within? Music, but I also really love video, photo, and ceramics.

How interconnected is your personal life and career?


Very interconnected, I'm really close friends with everyone I play music with and I usually become good friends with people I work with in any medium.


Where do you see yourself in 10 years?


There’s nothing more satisfying than making progress and getting better at making music. I just want to make music that makes me happy and means something to me. I never want to make music just because I think other people would like it, I think that would ruin it for me.


Who is the person who has influenced you most in your career?


Growing up I looked up to all of the female musicians who were big in pop, as I got older I started listening to things like Hole, Garbage, Pixies, and Bjork and I've been looking up to the girls from bands like that ever since.


Where do you draw inspiration from?


When I'm writing new music I take inspiration from my life and all the things I go through or see happening. The best songs come when I feel really passionately about something, so a lot of my lyrics are about stuff that makes me angry. I also just think it's important to point out the things that upset you through any art medium because A) It's important to have people hear about it and B) Sometimes you'll meet people who agree with you. It can take me ages to write something I'm happy with and I take breaks sometimes so I don't get too frustrated with myself. I like to work with other musicians or watch musicians I look up to, it helps keep me from hitting a wall when writing.

What’s your favorite thing in your wardrobe?


I have this perfect pinstripe miniskirt that I wear almost every other day.


What song will forever put you in a good mood?


"Steal My Sunshine" by Len or "Birthday" by The Sugarcubes.


What album or song has the most plays on your life soundtrack? What are you listening to now?


The song I've listened to the most is probably "Violet" by Hole. Right now I'm listening to the Frank Ocean's Blonde nonstop, Beck's One Foot In the Grave, and Bjork's entire discography (as per usual).

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All photos by Natalia Mantini


Makeup by Meredith Menchel

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