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We’re Going To Grimsby. We’re Gunna Get Married.



Now, two years after her first editorial, “I Blew All My Wages On A £500 Burbury Handbag,” Jones has lived everywhere from Manhattan to Manchester, but now resides in London. She describes herself as one of the few who have “gotten out” of the dour, mirthless place that is Grimsby, England.


However, despite the severity of Jones’ hometown, there is a part of her that still yearns for the uncomplicated life that Grimsby offers—the simplicity of letting go of the constant struggle of a career in art and fashion and moving home to get married and start a family. This is a choice Jones admits she grapples with often, and this latest editorial pays tribute to that desire.



The culmination of these inspirations results in a coarse glamour in Jones’ work. The model is dressed in chiffon and lace of vivid greens and pinks, marrying lavish fabrics with chunky, ‘tacky’ jewelry. The photographs are defaced with comical neon graffiti phrases Jones had overheard—phrases that depict the rough culture of the town itself. As a result, we get a picture of the crass bride Jones herself often lusts after—the one who gets hitched in Grimsby, who owns and colors the streets of the bleak town in which she struts.

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