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You're Doing Amazing Sweetie

How much can you do with a shoe, you ask? Good question. Rojas strives to stretch predetermined limits, without leaving you with a sense of repetition or fatigue. The former MoMA exhibitionist is in touch with everything that a shoe means, and her work has the uncanny ability to draw attention to just how deeply entwined a sneaker or stiletto can be in cultural and personal politics. Last time we caught up with Rojas', for instance, the artist explored her own experience with ugg boots in a piece she named Taylor, Amber, Amanda, Britt, Rachel, Ashley, Emily, Nicole, Samantha, Jess.

You’re Doing Amazing Sweetie toes the intersection of fashion and art, where brand references are tantamount to a shoe’s power to express a whole human experience. Rojas isn’t afraid to limit herself to any narrow interpretation of her single subject, but each piece shares her tender rendering and her questioning of the balance between function, design, and style.

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