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The 100 ft. Woman

Above Image: Photographed by Larry Lombardi, courtesy of Angelyne

What was it like to be 100 feet tall?


Wasn’t tall enough.


How did you know that a sighting of your car was good luck?


Because when I drove by a big huge glass window front and I saw my own reflection, I felt lucky! And also because other people always tell me that I’m good luck.


If you were to ever release a perfume, what would you call it?


Pink suicide.


Why? It scares away negative energy.


In Tales from the Casting Couch, you detail two stories of your early days in Hollywood. Can you tell me a little more about those days?


In my early days, for safety’s sake I have to pick a spirit animal to protect me.


What exactly is that?


The roadrunner so I can escape.


Did you hear what Dave Navarro said about you in his book? “She might just be the very thing Andy Warhol would have created, you never know.” How do you feel about that statement?


Who do I slap for that? Dave Navarro or Andy Warhol? Nobody created me. I’m not a puppet.


What’s your advice for taking good photos?


Get Angelyne to take the picture.


Why do you think Arnold won instead of Angelyne in the 2003 CA governor’s race?


Because I didn’t want an office job. Thank God! Although, I would have made some fabulous manifestations for the state.


Where did Buddha, your campaign mascot, come from?






A Japanese TV show gifted him to me on camera, and they painted him pink. I believe they used pepperoni flavored pink dye. He licked it off eventually.


Left- Photography by Kenny Griffiths; Design by Tabitha from The Hollywood fashion house of Cipriano Custom Tailor; Hair by Josh Valentine; Makeup by Kallisto Damore; Styling by Stacy Ellen Rich

Right - Photopgraphed by Larry Lombardi, courtesy of Angelyne



Do you have any upcoming projects?


You mean like a documentary? Yes, my career is purely entertainment. High art entertainment. That’s what the documentary is like enticing, compelling. I guarantee after watching it people will be transformed. That’s pretty grandiose. Well, that’s me. Hot pink grandiose!


What’s your favorite classical song?


I have several. Well definitely "The Washington Post", "The Flower Duet", "Hungarian Rhapsody", "Scheherazade", and "Pavon for a Dead Princess".


So your into music, huh?


Do you think that recording 500 songs would qualify me? [laughs]


Are you working on anything new?


Yes, I just finished a 6-song punk EP called Pussy Punk on Pink Kitten Records.


Can you please give me some beauty tips?


Well I have an Angelyne Charm School.


Are you taking new students?


All the time.


And what do you teach?


How to be gorgeous and sexy and pretty and polite and presentable. And charming, of course!


What’s the difference between a day look and a night look?


Same except night lower top, shorter skirt, and sexier.


What’s your favorite shade of pink?


That’s a ridiculous question. But if I have to answer all the shades of pink in the rainbow.


What’s your proudest moment?


When I ran for governor of California. I influenced so many people. They came up to me and were tearful and grateful that I gave them the power to be who they are.


Do you have any prejudices?


People who aren’t nice.


What is something that most people don't know about you?


I don’t like people to say “you” unless they’re talking to me.


So, for example?


This is how it started. I was listening to an animal psychiatrist on the radio she was referring to a dog who wasn’t well but she was saying, “When you can't even drink water out of your bowl, you can’t even lick your bone, and you can’t kiss/lick your master.” And I thought, I’m not a dog!


What’s your favorite fairy tale?


The Angelyne Story.

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