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Beauty Committee: Round II

We're a little ass company navigating the rough waters of the creative world⁠—so you know CBD stays on deck. This round, our all-natural contenders are Foria's CBD Lube, June's CBD Serum and Herbivore Botanicals's Cannabis Sativa Facial Oil. We're all about the feel-good splendors of cannabidiol, but don't just take it from us. office Issue 10 coverstar Abella Danger judges three all-natural products to let you know which items to snatch or pass.


P.S. Stayed tuned, because we have our next judge coming in red-hot tomorrow afternoon!





What would you change about each product?


I wouldn’t change anything about these products—they are perfection.



Which one would you most likely eat?


If I were to eat one of them, it would definitely be the Foria lube. Since it's lube, I would imagine it’s edible, and it smells really good.


Which smells the best?


The best scent was definitely the Herbivore's Cannabis Sativa Facial Oil. Although they all smell really good, the sativa wasn’t too overpowering.

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