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Ed Templeton's Amalgamated Fragments

His romantic, welcoming, and gritty retrospective is spending this summer displayed at Danziger Gallery in the L.E.S., appropriately, where you can feel welcomed into the Southern California lifestyle of bandaged limbs and dirty hair, palm trees and subtle, sweet moments that are somehow heartbreakingly intimate and at the same time, hardcore. 


Displayed in 'clouds' of pictures hung in the two-level space, you will not need the (expected) crowd of hyper-cool sneaker graphics clutching their 40oz brown bags who spilled onto the sidewalk of the exhibition's opening night in order to feel a part of the community, the show itself will provide the glimpse you need into a life somewhere there is always sun and skateboards. 



Amalgamated Fragments will be up through July 27th, 2017.
Ed Templeton

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