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Kanye West x Lil Pump

Now, back to the video: it all started at 2 Chainz’s wedding, where Kanye wore two size too small Yeezy slides with his suit. Naturally, the internet decided he was cancelled—again. But because no one’s a bigger troll than Kanye himself, the rapper shared a photo of his feet, this time in super oversize Yeezys, with the caption, “Are the slides big enough?”

In the “I Love It” video, both he and Lil Pump proudly rock the same oversized slides as they shuffle around in boxy ass suits that seem to reference the old video game “ROBLOX,” a character whose noises sound almost exactly like Lil Pump’s “Whoops.”

Like Kanye, Lil Pump have been meme’d to death. So, “I Love It” is the duo’s chance to get ahead of the action, and go straight to trolling themselves.

That’s a whole lot of self-reflection for Kanye. Maybe he’ll make it off the cancelled list—though, knowing Kanye, probably not. Only time will tell. And in the meantime, watch “I Love It,” below.

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