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Queen Celine

How did you discover your passion for makeup?


My mother has been a creative force in my life ever since I was young. She’s a beautician, a painter, made our clothes and cut our hair! A true jack-of-all-trades. She involved me in so many creative activities that creativity became the norm for me. I’ve always known I wanted to do something artistic in life but never knew the profession Makeup Artist existed until far into my adolescence. Makeup was a discovery made at the age of 14 when a couple of friends on holiday decided to give me a makeover and it blew my mind! Makeup was a constant since that summer. Even in class I would do my friend’s makeup to great annoyance of the teachers.


When did you know you wanted to make a career out of makeup?


I had just started in my first year of art school for photography and was horribly frustrated with the technical aspect of the profession, when I discovered House of Orange makeup school in Amsterdam. I told my parents with shivering knees that I wanted to drop out WDKA (Rotterdam) and start there immediately. They didn’t allow me to go until I could show them a bachelor degree, so I studied communications instead, all the while thinking of the moment I could start. Three days after receiving my diploma I started at House of Orange.


What wordly elements inspire you?


To specify only a few elements that can inspire you is to limit yourself in my opinion. Keep your eyes open and draw it all inwards. It might not be a year or two before you recall the moment or the image you saw, but keep a large mental library and you’ll never go wanting.


Does this feature change depend on the look?


I’m greatly drawn to the story we, as a team, try to tell to the viewer. Sometimes that means makeup takes the forefront of the story but often it means taking a step back to support that tale. I’d rather be a element of the full image than trying to portray a specific “look”, so it varies!


Do you feel more yourself with makeup on? How does makeup make you feel?


I’ve struggled with self-acceptance and self-confidence as every woman does. I can see it now as periods in my life where my makeup supported the notion of that self-awareness. When I was younger, makeup was the means to make myself more beautiful, to boost my self-confidence. Now it feels more like a creative expression, a dare to the outside world to show their inner self in a creative way. Now, I don’t feel debilitated by a pimple here and there or dark circles under my eyes; I walk around just as confident as with no makeup as I do with makeup on.

Have you ever explored your art form on other mediums? Why did you choose the face as your canvas?


I believe that interest in photography has sparked again with the start of my instagram and has developed thus. I’ve taught myself to work with photoshop, premiere pro, and I keep developing my art form across multiple platforms. If I’d have more time on my hands I definitely would like to explore a real canvas, but the face holds a fascination to me that won't die out anytime soon.


Do you prefer color or shape exploration when creating a new look?


Both go hand in hand, not to forget about texture. I do see a more graphic notion in my work.


What is your favorite makeup look?


I would never be able to choose! It’s like picking a favourite child.


If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would that be?


I’m going on holiday with my boyfriend on the first of May to finally see a tropic beach. That’s where I want to be right now!


Would you rather be a bird in the air or a fish in the sea?


Both hold attraction, as the fish can explore depths that human kind has never seen, but I’d rather have the freedom of a bird with less mortal dangers around.


What message are you trying to communicate to the world?


Self-worth, creative expression, freedom.


Do you have any other passions you hope to one day explore?


I’m obsessed with stories, in film or books. I’d love to narrate audiobooks! 

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