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Beauty Committee: Round II

For our second rodeo, we've rounded up a bomb-ass team of experts from various creative industries to do the dirty work for you: adult actress Abella Danger, singer Cxntmafia, hair stylist Shingo Shibata, model Lulu Bonfils, and makeup artist Maki Ryoke. Adult actress and model Abella Danger is a bright light in the American porn industry⁠—she can do it all. Whether it’s cloning Kim in that iconic Yeezy campaign or winning best butt at the AVN Awards, Ms. Danger certainly knows how to work what her momma gave her. There are few women in the rap game quite as outspoken as Contessa Stuto, aka Cxntmafia. With a larger than life personality that’s landed her on the pages of Billboard, Worldstar, and Bullet, Stuto shows no signs of slowing down as a musician or as a fierce advocate for the sexual empowerment of women.


Shibata is a force to be reckoned with in the hair styling industry, with featured editorials in top publications such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, W., Interview, and POP Magazine. Plus-size model Lulu Bonfils has made some major waves in this fashion world. With a spread in Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty campaign, Bonfils is revolutionizing the lingerie market one bra at a time. Maki Ryoke’s inventive approach to beauty has distinguished her skillset as that elusive intersection of sophisticated and edgy, natural and glamorous. With her work gracing the pages Dazed, The NY Times, and Allure, among others, Ryoke continues to define the modern woman through a precise application of color and shadow.


Get to know them better below, and be sure to follow all their committee antics at @officebeautynyc.


ABELLA DANGER, 23, Los Angeles, Pornstar


Where were you born?


Miami, FL.


How did you get your start in your career?


I was dating a pornstar and after a few months he convinced me shoot a movie just with him. I loved it so much that I broke up with him and started doing it full time.


What’s your daily beauty regimen?


Step 1: Korres Wild Rose Foaming Cream Cleanser, it leaves my skin so smooth and soft but not oily feeling—it’s light but not drying and it smells so good. Step 2: Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Toner, it’s so refreshing and hydrating, plus I love rose so I think it smells amazing. Step 3: Cocapair Tiger Grass Repair Serum—I have sensitive skin and this product protects and repairs without being harsh. Step 4: The Herbivore Rose Quartz Facial Roller, the step 3 serum makes the tool easier to glide on your skin, and the facial roller feels like the best massage you could give your face. It firms the skin over time and it has a cooling and relaxing sensation. Step 5: Dr. Jart Water Drop Moisturizer—it’s hydrating, it brightens up my skin tone, and it just gives me such a cute glow. This moisturizer isn't sticky or tacky, it’s smooth and absorbs easily. Step 6: Sunday Riley Auto Correct for my under eyes, which instantly removes any puffiness and dark circles over time. It’s magic. Step 7: Cicapair Color Correcting. I love this because a little little little bit goes a very long way to even my skin tone and reduce all the redness in my cheeks. I love the texture too! Step 8: The tarte lip facial (sometimes the bubblegum lip scrub from lush). I love both though, they leave my lips super smooth and crack free, not to mention they both taste so good!


Name one beauty product that, if everyone used it, would make the world a happier place and why.


To me, soft lips are everything—it’s the best feeling ever. If everyone in the world tried the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask the world would be a much happier place and everyone would enjoy kissing 1000% more.


Create a lipstick name and shade that matched your personality.


If I created a lipstick it would be called "Danger She Wrote" and it would be a kind of brown but not too brown, more of nude shade. Very natural.


If you were a pet, ​whose p​et would you be and why?


If I was a pet I would be Lady Gaga’s pet because I feel like she loves hard and unconditionally.


What’s one stigma people generally have about the sex industry that has only been a positive experience for you?


The strangest thing I’ve heard people think about porn is that we don’t get to choose who we shoot our scenes with when in reality we always get to choose. I have my favorites I make sure to always shoot with. In fact we really have a say in everything, even if I don’t like my outfit I can change it, but for some reason society thinks we have no say. I always always always feel in control.


What’s your go-to beauty look for getting laid?


I love natural makeup so I keep it pretty low key—just some foundation, powder, dip brow, and mascara and I’m good to go.


When do you feel the most beautiful?


I feel most beautiful when my girlfriend is looking at me.


What’s one product you never leave home without?


I never leave home without carmax lip balm. I live in LA so the fear of dry lips is always real. I rarely have to use it in the summer but in the winter it’s a real lip saver! 


Who’s your ultimate beauty icon?


My ultimate beauty icon would have to be Rihanna because she’s just so unique and unapologetically herself. A true trendsetter in my opinion. 

CUNT MAFIA, Infinite Wisdom, Olde New York but in 2019, Star Seed specializing in music performance and theatre


Where were you born?​


Long Island, NY 11:48 PM. 


How did you get your start in your career?


I was born to do this - this is a 3 hour documentary sort of question! Let’s just say I'm the type to explore the streets of New York City in a time of valor, honor, truth, respect, reputation and realness. In regards to music, I’m relatively new to the process, since I've never put out a project and was still fusing my past lives to my music; never seemingly breaking free. I feel now, as Jennifer’s Body, I’m in a new mind frame in regards to my art and it’s extremely powerful. As a child I never fully believed in myself due to the standards placed in the music industry for how woman should look and act. I said in my late 20s, "it’s now or never," and put our my first track, "Reign in Ratchet," as the pioneer of Trap Metal (in which of course I need no credit for), but the real know like office Magazine! I shall release #NIGHTWIFE ALBUM this year, along with other projects that will have a more curated touch to it as I was in a very erratic DIY mindset for all of my life. I'm finally learning how to put the pieces of JENNIFER’S BODY together now.


What’s your daily beauty regimen?


Walking 10,000 steps, Tea, and Affirmations and meditative showers


Name one beauty product that, if everyone used it, would make the world a happier place and why.


Natural Rose Spritz, Lavender Spritz. Aroma therapy. Make your own too!


Create a lipstick name and shade that matches your personality.


LIFES POWER, Clear gloss


If you were a pet, ​whose p​et would you be and why?


I want to be his wife, not his pet.


What is one message that you are passionate about that you always try to convey to your audience during a performance?


"To watch and actually listen," an important quote by living diety Diamonda Galas.


Who’s your ultimate beauty icon?


Lady Elaine Fairchilde, the puppet from Mr. Rogers.


What mafia movie best describes you?


 Itty Bitty Titty Commitee


What’s one beauty trend you’re sick of seeing on Instagram?


Fake bitches.


If you could only wear one hairstyle and beauty look onstage for the rest of your career, what look would you choose?


All Natural Jennifer’s Body.

Shingo Shibata, 32, New York, Hair Stylist 


Where were you born?




How did you get your start in your career?


Kanako Takase asked me to do a test shoot when I didn’t know anything about a photoshoot 10 years ago.


What’s your daily beauty regimen?


Shave my eyebrows everyday and my head once in a while. 


Name one beauty product that, if everyone used it, would make the world a happier place and why.


A razor. Having no hair is just great feeling and if you want, just put on a wig.


Create a lipstick name and shade that matches your personality.


"Blackhole", a true black that almost feels like there is a hole beause nobody knows what's behind it.


If you were a pet, whose pet would you be and why?


Nikola Tesla, he might invent something to talk with me. 


Can hair be political? If so, how? If not, why?


Isn’t that why women cut their hair short in 1920s? Or the reason why there is punk hair ? Or dreaded hair? Wasn’t that all political?


What’s your equivalent to ‘The Rachel’ (i.e. the look/style you do most often)?


There is no hair style that I do the most. 


What’s one hairstyle you’ve had that you will always regret?


I've tried a million hair styles and I love them all. 


What’s one hair trend you’d like to see everywhere this year?


Using wigs like hats. 


Who’s your ultimate beauty icon?


The people I see in my dreams. 

LULU BONFILS, 19, Brooklyn, Model @Muse


Where were you born?


D​arien, Connecticut. 


How did you get your start in your career?


I​ was asked to shoot with my friends who own the company Me and You, and then shortly after I was scouted and signed to my first agency. 


What’s your daily beauty regimen?


​I use the milky jelly cleanser from Glossier in the morning and night and then follow up with a face oil depending on my mood, most of the time its rose hip, and then I use the water bank moisturizer from Laneige and I’m always using lip salve. 


Name one beauty product that, if everyone used it, would make the world a happier place and why.


​Egyptian magic. 


Create a lipstick name and shade that matches your personality.


It'd be a rosy red with brown tones and I’d call her "Lil Sis". 


If you were a pet, w​hose ​pet would you be and why?


​I’d love to be some sort of free range lamb that's lightly looked after by an old farmer. 


How do you define beauty?


I think of it as anything captivating or interesting to look at. 


When do you feel most beautiful? Why?


​I feel it when I’m confident and happy in the moment and I’m in amazing lighting telling myself I’m hot.


Who's your ultimate beauty icon?


I love Lindsay Lohan in Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen and Britney Spears in general, mixed with some Tyra Banks ANTM looks.


What's the hardest part about your job as a model? The best?


I​ think one of the hardest parts is feeling like you don’t own yourself or your image because it’s constantly changing based on others direction and feeling like you don’t have the autonomy to reclaim yourself when you aren’t working. I think the best is being able to influence what young people are being shown in advertisements or fashion as an art form.

MAKI RYOKE, 45, New York, Makeup Artist @streetersagency


Where were you born?




How did you get your start in your career?


My friend made me do it.


What’s your daily beauty regimen?


Face massage.


Name one beauty product that, if everyone used it, would make the world a happier place and why.


I am still in search of that.


Create a lipstick name and shade that matches your personality.


"Maki", because it's me.


If you were a pet, whose pet would you be and why?


I don’t want be a pet!


If you could only rock one makeup look for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?


Red lips, because I love them.


If you had to associate your beauty style with one time period, what period would it be?




What role does makeup play for you in terms of identity?


Self love.


What’s one makeup trend you would never ever try? 


I try everything, I think.


Who’s your ultimate beauty icon?


My mom.

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